If you are a parent you try your best to capture all the major milestones in your child's life, but this guy has hit it out of the park. He videotaped his daughter every week from a new born until she was 12 years old!

I on the other hand am lucky If we can get the kids school pictures in a frame before they start the next grade. Kidding, actually we get those in right away, with old pictures behind it to look and reflect. :) . I now realize what my mom always use to joke about on our birthdays, when she would say " It's so crazy how fast you kids are growing up, because I  haven't aged at all! "

Having 2 teenage boys in the house and one pre-teen girl, you really see how different your kids have become. Young adulthood is never an easy journey, and requires an enormous amount of patience on both sides. I know the day will come where friends are more important, so for now I guess I will relish in looking through the cluttered back packs, and trying to figure out Middle School Homework.















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