It was my first time in about eight years that I took the icy plunge for a great a cause and I was happy to be apart of it again!

First things first, I had to get myself a costume. I had the good people of Duluth make suggestions and they were pretty awesome! Of course I got the most requests for a leprechaun. Surprise, surprise a ginger dressing up as a leprechaun! So Party America hooked me up with a costume and I was on my way.

I have to say the worst part of the plunge was standing in line. With every step you inch closer and closer to the chilly Lake Superior water. The worst part was not knowing how cold it would actually be. Finally once I jumped in, it was like a frozen shock to the system and a quick panic thought "I need to get out of this water fast!".

But I was immediately greeted by a warming tunnel which was awesome! Overall the whole event was amazing. There was over a 1,000 jumpers and $160,000 raised. Everybody seemed to be having a great time and it was for such a great cause! I'll definitely participate again next year!

Check out the photo gallery below as I relive my icy jump again!