The star of many 80's movies and all around super dude Steve Guttenberg got a star on the Hollywood walk of fame today, finally.  Guttenberg starred in three big movie franchises, 'Police Academy', 'Cocoon' and 'Three Men and a Baby', all in the 80's, when the 90's came, Guttenberg all but disappeared.

He did some movies here and there and also did some Broadway, but he never quite made that A-list status, where he deserves to be, Guttenberg has more talent in his pinky finger, than most actors have total today.

Guttenberg requested, and got a ride to his walk of fame star ceremony in a police car with some of LA's finest, police escorts are reserved for Presidents, Popes, Heads of State and of course Guttenberg.

Look for a Guttenberg come back as both 'Police Academy' and 'Three Men and a Baby' movie franchises are gearing up for another go round.