RiFF RAFF recently stopped by Hot 97 to talk about potentially wrestling Kurt Angle, his Peach Panther project, his new label deal and a whole lot more. You can watch the whole interview above.

Perhaps most interesting about the interview is when Ebro in the Morning host Peter Rosenberg asks the MC who he'd want to work with the most. His answer is kind of surprising.

"Probably Lady Gaga. I like her fashion, I like her style. I'm not saying that I don't think a lot of people don't like her, but I could see people not liking her for a certain reason," says RiFF. "She sings so good...just her creativity." They haven't met yet, but it sounds like a match made in heaven.

When asked if he would do an album with Action Bronson, the Peach Panther answered without hesitation. "Oh, of course. I think we were going to call it Galaxy Gladiators."

RiFF's got a lot to be happy about these days. He recently inked a $4 million deal with Stampede Management and distributor BMG to launch a new label known as Neon Nation Corporation, and has dropped a new single from his upcoming album The Peach Panther to boot.

“I’m glad to finally have my Peach Panther album done, and the new single ‘Carlos Slim’ out,” Riff Raff said in a press release. “I’m also excited to announce my new $4,000,000 Neon Nation Corporation, which is more than just a record label. We’ll be investing in movies and talent across the globe to build an entertainment empire not just in music. Teaming up with Stampede and BMG is just the first step to get started.”

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