I am a huge baseball fan (Go Cubs!), but I have a hard time watching it on T.V., even The World Series. So for fans like me, you have to go the games, I am down with them all Major League, Minors, Northern League, any of them.

I have to say that their is something inherently special  watching athletes who are playing purely for the love of the sport, not million dollar contracts or Rock Star treatment, just giving it their all each and every day. Not to say they wouldn't mind a call to the big show someday,  but for now it is all about the game. We are lucky enough to have the Duluth Huskies here in our area, and beside the Minnesota Twins, The St. Paul Saints.

It has been a long process but after $64.7 million and now 7,000 seats it is a great place to watch minor league baseball. Besides the actual game I love the shenanigans at Saints games, haircuts, hot tubs, nuns giving massages and maybe even a Bill Murry sighting. Check out the time lapse of the new stadium below.

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