For many kids school can be tough, not just as far as academics but dealing with peer pressure and bullying. For the second year in a row Two Harbors High School is doing a "Civility Challenge" put together by the D.E.C.A. Club which is a marketing and business club made up of students at the high school.

The civility challenge hopes to improve mental health all over the world through random acts of kindness.  The students are calling it the glasses challenge in the hopes that people will wear these special glasses and post a video sharing how they went out of there way to be kind to someone.

Tori Bott is a club member and said “Improving mental health is really important to be positive to one another and do it through little acts of kindness. Such as opening doors for students and putting post-it notes on students lockers and in the bathrooms and just little things like that."

Riley Larson who is also a club member said "our campaign last year reached 9 million people and we really want it this year to make a bigger impact in the world.”  They are all hoping that their campaign this year goes viral as well. For more information follow #FindTheKindChallenge or click here.




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