Once again Willie Waffle is here to give us all some insight into what movies are worth watching in theaters this weekend, and one is for the whole family and the other is one Bond fans have been highly anticipating.

Willie Waffle

1.) The Peanuts Movie: Many people Willie included were nervous that the computer animation of Charles Schulz beloved Peanuts characters would be compromised, or it would have a modern twist which would ruin it's innocence and integrity. but, thankfully neither one is the case, as they stayed with the tried and true method of the classics. Charlie Brown falls in love with the girl next door and Snoopy is living large with a poodle named FiFi, plus all your favorite characters make an appearance as well. My favorite? Pigpen of course.

Willies Rating: 3 out of 4 Waffles

2.) Spectre:  Although Daniel Craig claims he is sick of playing James Bond, he does such a good job that many fans hope this is not true. The plot line is terrorists have a sinister plan which of course the title alludes to, the story and characters all follow the classic bond theme and their is plenty of car chases, explosion and of course the beautiful ladies to keep the movie going, but at the end many will will exclaim "Obvious!"

Willies Rating: 3 out of 4 Waffles


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