The pain my last for more than "one more day" The show is slated to start later this year. And... the song is back in my head CTL+ALT+DELETE!

p.s. The middle "Wilson" is still hot!

p.p.s So is the "Wilson" on the left

Wilson Phillips is BACK, people. Earlier this year, the ’90s pop group made a charming appearance in Bridesmaids, Chynna Phillips will be on this season of “Dancing with the Stars,” and now the TV Guide Network will make a reality show about the group’s comeback attempt.

The cable network has ordered a pilot for a show starring the band’s members — sisters Carnie Wilson and Wendy Wilson and best friend Chynna Phillips — as they juggle husbands and children in a quest to get back on top of the charts, a feat that challenges their friendship and sisterhood.