We all here the mantra "Buy Local" but I really feel like it does mean something and makes a huge difference for the community. With Valentines Day literally around the corner, you need to get on it, and one of these fine places I am sure would be willing and able to help you out.


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    Dunbar Floral and Gifts

    The staff at Dunbar Floral and Gifts make you feel like you just stepped into a best friends home. Family owned they make sure to put that personal touch in every order. I have had last minute orders that they graciously helped put together on the spot, and they also can give you some great gift ideas as well.

    Address:  526 E 4th St,Duluth, MN 55805

    Phone:  (218) 727-7572

    Website:  dunbarfloral.com

    Photo courtesy of Google Street View Maps
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    Engwall Florist & Greenhouse

    With 2 locations in Duluth and Superior Engwall has been a tradition in the area for years. With a huge variety of flowers and plants you won't leave empty handed. Plus with the "Corn Maze" in the Fall, they always have something for everyone in the family. We have had help from the Duluth store to bring back some of our bigger houseplants that almost died during the winter.

    For those last minute gifts, Engwall Florist is pleased to offer same day delivery. Order by 1:00 CST for same day delivery at our regular delivery charge.

    Phone:  (218) 727-8961

    Website:  engwalls.com


    Phone:  (715) 392-4711

    Website:  engwalls.com

    Engwalls Superior Location Via Google Street View Maps
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    The Rose Man

    The Rose Man is a bright pink building that has been a landmark on Central Entrance for 20 years. If you are in the market for roses at a very reasonable price then this is the place for you. Super friendly service with as good a selection as the small store will allow.

    Prices will vary with some of the less expensive roses still having thorns. The staff believe in being green as possible and using local farmers for their flowers. They pride themselves on being a cash and carry rose shop, but can accommodate all needs.

    Phone:  (218) 481-7575

    Website:  theroseman.net

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    Angellas Bella Flora Incorporated

    For a truly unique shopping experience this store is considered more of a boutique than a shop, with visions of types of flowers or arrangements the average shopper may have never heard of. The creativity of the staff is bar none. Additionally, Angela and her team teach periodic classes on a variety of topics, open to the general public.

    Phone:  (218) 279-3444

    Website:  angelasbellaflora.com

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    Sams Florist And Greenhouses

    Sams Florist and Greenhouse has been locally owned and operated since 1946 with superb quality flowers and designs, plus professional service has made them a trusted name. With years of experience they can guide you with a beautiful selection for any occasion with a large selection of balloons and stuffed animals too.

    Phone:  (218) 628-1091

    Website:  samsflorist.com

    Photo courtesy of Google Maps Street View