Craigslist is a pretty hit-or-miss website.  There are job postings, people selling their stuff, discussion boards, community event listings, even a spot to post your resume.  Once in awhile when I need something to cheer me up, I check out the "Missed Connections" section.  In the past I've read a few on the air, hoping that someone who doesn't necessarily check Craigslist will recognize themselves and either run and hide, or find their soulmate.  So here are a few of the Twin Ports latest "Missed Connections."

Amanda at Cosmetology Careers Unlimited - m4w - 30 (Duluth)

You cut my strawberry blonde hair last Tuesday May 10th into a spiky flame. We chatted and I felt chemistry, we discussed music (you're favs were Sublime and Tim Armstrong) and discussed our similar future plans of getting out of Minnesota. I really wanted to ask you out but I hesitated and feared rejection. If you remember me, I would love to take you out. You said you were graduating in September and plan on moving to a specific state where you took family vacations. Please tell me that state so I know that it is you who is replying. I don't know if you're familiar with the rapper Andre 3000 but he said in one of his songs "if you're not the one, you are the prototype." I know we just had one brief encounter, but you took my breath away. I wish I had the guts to walk right into the salon and ask you out but "alas, conscience make cowards of us all."

Party Store - w4m - 21 (Stoneridge Mall, Duluth)

I was working, you were shopping. You had the most genuine smile I'd seen in quite some time. You were in theater, and you are hearing-impaired. I think it's adorable.
This should be in rants & raves, you won't look here but gosh darnit you were frickin' cute. I melt over tall, deaf men. /sigh. Have fun living in Rochester, NY.

Just seen you at Wendy's Hwy 53 - m4w - 30 (Duluth )

First and foremost you were a customer not an employee. I tried to smile at you but I am not sure if you noticed :-) maybe you are already involved ... or maybe you were intimidated by an older man ... I'm not that old though ... only 30 ... hey Katie Perry and Russell Brand are 10 apart. Anyway you were about 5' 3'' or so with blonde hair that may have been permed. When I grabbed my food I said ''excuse me'' and you acknowledged. Not that that means anything but that's so if you read this you'll remember.

Put Asiago Ranch Chicken in the title so I know your real.

Good luck finding all your Missed Connections, Twin Ports!