Lady Gaga‘s perfume has a name. Finally.

The scent is called ‘Fame,’ which is to be expected, since that’s the name of the album that put the Mother Monster on the map. Samples of the scent have been shipped to certain publications so they can include coverage of the perfume in their editorial. Those publications are working on September issues now, so the fragrance’s PR firm needed to get the product into editors’ hands… Or the scent wafting up their noses.

Gaga Global posted the a photo of the sample packets (which look like condoms) and the bottle, which appear to have been shared by an editor who received ‘em. You can see that the bottle is teardrop shaped and black, with gold hardware, which look like claws from monster paws. The fragrance is reportedly a black liquid that changes color when it hits the skin.

Gaga has said that she wanted to recreate the scent of “expensive hooker” and that she would incorporate her DNA into the scent with a blood sample so monsters could have “a sense of having me on your skin.”

Gaga’s relationship with her fans is about to get that much closer when her Fame scent lands on shelves. There are reports that the fragrance will land at retail in either August or September. That’s right around the corner, little monsters.

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