This should shock no one, given the strength of the little monster army and the major promotional and marketing push behind it, but Lady Gaga‘s debut scent Fame is the No. 1 fragrance in the U.S. Congrats, Gaga! That is no small feat.

Gaga took to Twitter to share the good news that all of her fragrance and fashion dreams have come true now that her first fragrance has pretty much flown off the retail shelves. Fame, the first-ever black eau de parfum, which is black in the bottle but clear when airborne, is a hit.

In a marketplace flooded with celeb and pop star scents, Gaga had her work cut out for her to try and stand out against the multiple perfume portfolios of J. Lo, Brit Brit, Katy and RiRi! But as usual, she rose to the top.

Gaga recently shared the new trailers (here and here) for the upcoming short film that was created around the campaign. She also dominated Times Square in her native NYC earlier this week, thanks to a massive billboard touting the scent.

PopCrush congrats Gaga on having the No. 1 fragrance in the country. Have any of you ventured out to Macy’s or Sephora to catch a whiff of Fame yet? Tell us about it if you have.

Below is Gaga’s exuberant tweet about her happiness regarding Fame’s successful bow.


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