Want to see Rihanna's nude fragrance ad? And no, it's not like that. While RiRi is fond of showing skin at any and all times (dinner, nights on the town, videos, while shopping), the singer isn't nakey nakes in the ad for her newest fragrance Nude. She's actually draped in swaths of soft pink fabric and peach hued lingerie.

RiRi, currently a hot topic because of her seemingly renewed relationship with Chris Brown, now known as ChRihanna, shared the image via Twitter, posting: "Here is my new add for a brand new fragrance #NUDE !!! Make sure you smell sexy, especially naked, this fall." Ah, so wearing this is as sexy as being naked as the day you were born? Got it.

It's ironic that RiRi isn't wearing her only her birthday suit in this ad, given the fragrance's name and her penchant for nudity. You'd expect her to bare it all, but she covers up. Guess only certain people get to see her totally naked, like Breezy.

The hair chameleon is also rocking thick blonde waves, a stark contrast from her current dark, boyish pixie.

She shared some of the images from the shoot back in May, which were much sexier and more suggestive. The end result, which is this ad, is unbelievably tame by RiRi standards.

So PopCrushers, will you sniff the newest Eau de RiRi?

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