Selena Gomez is a busy gal. Not only has she just signed on to star in ‘Spring Breakers‘ — she’s releasing a perfume, too! In a unique twist to thank her fans, Gomez is inviting them to pick the ingredients that go into her signature scent.

“I’ve been working really hard and I’ve narrowed it down to a few possible notes, but I need your help in choosing the right ones,” Gomez says. “You’ll get to compare several notes that I’ve selected for the top, heart and base of the perfume. Not sure what they are? No problem. I’ll explain!” the perky star offered.

“Top notes are the first notes that you’ll smell when you put on a perfume. Usually they’re light and smell like citrus, or maybe fruit,” said Gomez. The choices for top notes for her new fragrance are apple, raspberry and melon. (This is making us hungry!) The site suggests choosing apple if you like crisp, refreshing scents, raspberry if you prefer tart, juicy scents and melon if you like scents that are simultaneously sweet and ripe.

Heart notes are next! “The heart notes create the middle of the fragrance — the body,” Gomez enthuses. “They really round out the fragrance before drying into the base notes.” The heart note options are “fresh, beautiful” purple freesia and “soft, romantic, floral” pink jasmine. The site also notes that freesias represent innocence and friendship, while jasmine can stand for grace and delicacy. Both flowers sound like Justin Bieber‘s main squeeze, so that’s going to be a tough one!

Finally come the base notes. “Base notes are the final ingredients that you smell in a perfume, they last the longest and usually are the richest,” the ‘Hit the Lights’ singer explained. The choices for the base note in her perfume are both delicious — you can pick either vanilla or coconut. Mmmm!

Based on the votes so far, raspberry, freesia and vanilla are in the lead, but there’s still time to vote! Fans can go to to register to pick out their favorite scents and help Gomez create her fragrance. While not only picking out what they’re going to wear later on, Gomez offers another incentive. The first 100,000 fans to vote on her fragrance notes will receive a sample before it hits stores — and an extra lucky 10 voters will be flown out to join Gomez in the fragrance lab to help make the final choices.

Watch Selena Gomez Ask Her Fans for Help With Fragrance

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