Lady Gaga doesn’t do anything on the small scale. Not her songs nor her stage show nor her outfits nor her heels nor her debut perfume. The Mother Monster shared that she will be offering two versions of her first fragrance, dubbed Fame.

The premiere edition will feature a solid metal cap, as opposed to a plastic one, which means once you have sprayed the last drop of Eau de Gaga on your décolleté, your wrists and other pulse points, the bottle will be a keepsake. And if you ever meet Gaga, you can get her to sign it. Tada! Instant collector’s item.

She tweeted a shot of the premiere edition below.

Gaga also said one of the versions is “more affordable” at around $30, while what she termed the “Le Masterpiece” version will be larger in size and will boast that fancy metal topper. It’ll carry a price tag over $70, but you get more bang for your buck.

The perfume, which is due in September and said to line up with her next Vogue cover, will be black liquid in the bottle, but turn invisible on contact with the skin.

See Gaga’s tweets about her debut parfum.




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