With the upcoming State of the City address, Superior Mayor Jim Paine is planning an event that will be unique in many ways. First - it'll be a return to form after having to cancel last years due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Second - and somewhat due to the pandemic, it'll be held at an outdoor venue.  Additionally - and perhaps not necessarily unique, the mayor has plans to make "a number of announcements" and also award someone with the Citizen of the Year award.

The event is scheduled to happen on Thursday, May 27 - starting at 7:00 PM at Earth Rider Brewery's outdoor space at the Cedar Lounge:  1715 North 3rd Street in Superior. According to details in the Superior Telegram, the unique setting for the event was selected due to the unique challenges presented to us over the past year in connection with the COVID-19 Pandemic. The decision to utilize the outdoor space at Earth Rider Brewery included the fact that "it's already set up with the amenities needed for a speech, places a focus on businesses hard hit during the pandemic, and [it] calls attention to an area of the city - the North End - which is likely to be a place of future economic development."  The city - and Mayor Paine - feels that the venue will make the perfect centerpiece to the speech.

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So what can you expect to see (or better yet - hear) if you attend the State of the City address on May 27?  These speeches typically offer elected officials the chance to present a summary of what's occurred in the city over the past year and also offer insight into what their plans are for the future.  Advance details about this years speech also note the "number of announcements" planned as well as the awarding of the Citizen of the Year award.

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