A St. Paul couple made sure that their gender reveal was done in good taste (pun intended) as they gathered around friends and family at the Blue Door Pub in St. Paul.

WCCO TV did a story about the couple as they cut into a signature "Blucy" which is this resteraunts version of a " Juicy Lucy" the famous Minnesota burger invention. I have never been to the Blue Door Pub but I am a huge fan of the "Juicy Lucy" at Matt's Bar in Minneapolis and locally at The Breeze Inn in Duluth.

Patrick and Bree picked out which kind of cheese filled burger would represent a boy and a girl. Brie for a girl and pepperjack for a boy. I love the reaction that Patrick had as he uddered "I won" after he cut into the burger!  Either way what a great way to celebrate the gender of their new baby, Minnesota Style. For those of you that thought it would be a tater tot hot dish, sorry to disappoint.

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