Another year and another plunge into Lake Superior all benefiting Special Olympics of Minnesota. Here's the recap of this years plunge with the MIX team. 

This is my third year taking the plunge with MIX, I did it solo in 2015 and jumped with a team last year. This years team included one of my best friends Justin as Snow White, My wife's cousin Rain as Elsa, My wife's aunt Dawn as Maleficent and myself as Ariel.

This year roughly 900 jumpers braved the icy waters of Lake Superior raising over $125,000. I can’t wait to do it again next year and I’ll definitely have to put together a team again. Check out the photo gallery above with pics from our MIX photographer Cooper and a good friend of mine Corey Lehman Enterprises. Below is a video our team jumping as well, enjoy! I started the video right before our team jumped.

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